About Us
Uncle Robert's Orchard was established to get children and adults out of the house for a
few hours to enjoy the "old farm feeling". Get away from TV, Video Games, Computers,
Cell Phones, Text Messaging, and other modern day gadgets that consume so much of
our time and enjoy a little stress free time with us. We felt the need to offer outdoor
activities that reach back a little and expose us all to the rich agricultural area we live in.
How long has it been since you visited a farm, or have you ever? We have tied agriculture
with play and games in an outdoor environment that is unique, safe, educational, and fun
for all ages.

The founders of Uncle Robert's Orchard have been in the playground business for years.
We have traveled Louisiana, Arkansas and Mississippi selling and installing commercial
and residential play structures. We serve schools, churches, parks, day cares, home
owners associations, apartment complexes, hospitals, city, state, and federal government
agencies as well as individual residential homes. It was through these experiences the
idea for an outdoor fun center was born.

We brought the "play experience" to the orchard and teamed up with Uncle Robert
himself, who has the agricultural, animal and farm experience, thus forming one of the
most exciting and fun filled adventures in the area. Uncle Robert is the 3rd generation to
work these trees and farm. As a youngster, Uncle Robert, his father and grandfather
planted and nurtured every pecan tree in the orchard over 50 years ago. Even though
modern times and city growth have surrounded the area, tons of pecans are still
harvested every year from orchards right around this vicinity. Pecan Land Mall, Century
Link, Northeast Louisiana Veterans Home, Ouachita Christian School, Denmon
Engineering, North Point Subdivision, just to name a few, were built in pecan orchards still
producing the delicious nut we all love..
email: unclerobertsorchard@gmail.com
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